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When it comes to solar power almost everybody knows that it can save home and business owners quite a bit of money on their monthly energy costs and that it is an environmentally friendly type of power. Sadly many people are unaware of exactly how it works and just how wide spread their usage is. The following are some solar power facts that should prove interesting to anyone who might be considering having solar panels installed at their home or place of business.

Solar energy is obtained directly from sunlight via photovoltaic cells or in simple terms solar panels. Solar panels are placed on top of buildings and sometimes around buildings and simply collect sunlight and then convert it into usable energy. In some of the more expensive solar power systems, collected energy can be stored both for use at a later time and for sale back to an individual's power company.

Though it has only recently begun to soar in popularity and become much more common, solar power has been utilized by humans for quite some time. Solar power has helped people heat their homes, cook their food, desalinate water, and even dry their laundry. Although solar power has been used for a great number of decades the solar power systems of today are far more efficient and affordable than those utilized in the past.

Solar power decreases the amount of money individuals will spend on electricity each month. Different systems provide home and business owners with different benefits and the amounts an individual saves on their monthly energy consumption and costs are determined by just how extravagant a solar power system is. Homeowners operating on modest budgets however shouldn't worry as even the most modest of solar power systems can dramatically reduce the costs associated with energy consumption.

Although solar power has become extremely efficient and has soared in popularity as of late it is still only provides a small fraction of the world's energy supply. With the technology rapidly advancing and prices continually dropping however individuals can expect to see solar power become more prominent across the globe over the next few years. Eventually solar power will replace traditional energy sources such as coal and oil.

While it's common knowledge that solar power is mainly utilized in homes and places of business, solar power is also used to power portable devices such as calculators, cell phones, and even tablets and laptops. Portable solar devices can be purchased through a wide variety of consumer friendly websites and either charge these devices completely or keep their battery level from falling under a specific percentage. Consumers can expect these mobile solar power technologies to continually improve as well.

Not only is solar power used for homes and businesses but many people are surprised to learn that it is also used in space. NASA utilizes solar panels on their spacecrafts and the international Space Station to generate a great deal of its power. Solar power gathered in space is used to power computer systems and even life support systems on both spacecraft and the ISS.

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