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Solar electricity works exactly the same as the power you buy from your utility company. You turn on T.V's, lights, appliances the same way you always have. If you didn't know you had a solar electricity system, you would never notice any difference except a lower electricity bill.

The technology of converting the sun's energy into electricity has been around for over a hundred years. It's only become an affordable and viable source of power for widespread use within the past several decades.

When the sunlight hits the solar panels (array), the sun's energy excites electrons in the solar panels, which creates voltage. This voltage is passed through various conductors in the form of DC electrical current. The DC current is sent to an electronic component called and inverter. The inverter converts the DC electrical current to AC electricity that we use in our homes and business everyday.

The end result is a clean, renewable, reliable, virtually maintenance free source of electric power for years and years.

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