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11 Jun 2016

Solar Powered Cellphone Charger

Having a cellphone in this day and age is a complete necessity. Even for migrants crossing the Mediterranean and coming to Greece in search of a better life. But which such a long journey ahead, how do these people keep their cellphones charged? This is where a Greece-based solar technology company comes in. A company is called Entec and they have developed a solar powered cellphone charging station. This technology is able to charge hundreds of phone per day. And the best part? It’s all free of charge. Currently, the company has only produced two units, but wants to aim much higher than that. Using money raised from a crowdfunding campaign, their plan is to reach all the camps around Greece to provide help to people on making the journey a little easier.

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Photo credit: The Huffington Post

24 Oct 2015

SolarGem Launches Made in America Campaign

In today’s business world many business owners and managers look to buy cheap and sell high. This is especially true of those who own solar power companies. At SolarGem however the company prides itself on delivering solar products that are made in America and never outsources any of its work. Whether you’re buying solar panels or some other solar components from the company and/or you’re having their talented staff install a new solar power system you can be certain that all work and products are being handled by people within the United States. While there are many owners of solar power companies who believe outsourcing products and services keeps costs low, SolarGem keeps everything in-house while managing to keep things affordable and satisfy its customers.

One need only visit SolarGem’s website at to see just how dedicated the company is delivering products and services that are made in the USA. In fact by digging a little deeper into their website one will easily see how this approach to business has helped build and maintain their decades long success. Serving both Orange and Riverside counties, SolarGem not only provides products and services that are made in the USA but aims to build a solid rapport with each and every client they work with. The company is not content than just selling products and services but rather strives to treat customers as family.

SolgarGem owner Joe Johnson had this to say when asked about his company’s approach to solar power. “Only the highest quality solar panels and systems are capable of meeting the needs and high demands of modern households and businesses. SolarGem has just one goal and that goal being the sale and installation of quality solar products that people can trust and have confidence in.”

Solar energy is a renewable and more recently an affordable type of power that helps homeowners and businesses cut the costs associated with power consumption. It is also an extremely environmentally friendly type of power that generates electricity for homes and commercial structures without leaving any pollution behind.


SolarGem is an Orange County based solar power company dedicated to providing residents all over Southern California with unbeatable American-made solar products alongside unmatched customer service and care. By refusing to outsource any of their work or purchase products from other countries, SolarGem ensures both quality and customer satisfaction.

30 Jun 2015

More Solar Fun Facts

SolarGem loves educating its clients as well as its prospective clients. In educating our clients we not only go to great lengths to ensure they understand how solar panels work but we also place an emphasis on the very thing that gave birth to solar panels, the sun. That big bright star in the sky is part of what enables life to exist on the Earth and it produces more energy in a few seconds than any human could utilize in their entire lifetime. Here’s a few more solar facts that are simple yet fun and useful.

Some people look up at the sun and don’t think of it as a star. The sun is a star and is but one of billions in our Milky Way galaxy. While all stars are comprised of similar elements stars come in a wide variety of sizes, weights, colors, and temperatures.

Our sun may look yellow, orange, or red when viewed from Earth. In reality however the sun is a “yellow” dwarf which emits mostly white light. It is the Earth’s atmosphere that gives our eyes the illusion of a differently colored sun.

When we see other stars in the night sky they appear white, small, and twinkle only because of our distance from them and the blurring effect of Earth’s atmosphere. In reality the vast majority of stars we see at night time are stars much larger than our own and are often red, blue, or yellow. The vast majority of stars however cannot be seen without the aid of a telescope as they are much smaller and cooler than our sun. The stars are known as red dwarfs.

The solar system is comprised of eight planets, several dwarf planets, and a multitude of comets and asteroids. Although there are likely trillions of objects orbiting our sun all of these objects, the planets included, still only make up 1% of the entire solar system. The sun comprises the other 99%.

Unbeknownst to many individuals the sun actually has a name. The name “Sol” is derived from Latin and is used in many different countries and sometimes by scientists who’ve grown tired of referring to it as “the sun”.

Although our sun is a considered a dwarf star it is still unimaginably large. So large is the sun in fact that if you could fit 1 million earths inside of it you’d still have room left over for more. For a greater perspective try to remember that the sun is nearly 865,000 miles wide.

Though the sun looks to be a large ball of fire from our vantage point here on earth, our host star actually contains no fire whatsoever. In reality the sun is comprised of hot burning gas. So why is this gas so hot? The suns heat is generated by atoms that are fused together into heavier elements. It is the release of energy during this atomic fusion that gives the sun its heat in the earth it’s light.


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